The Original Fine Art Light, Safe Lighting for Oil paintings and Watercolors

When matching the art width to the available Revelite width, round down to the next available size. The distribution of light will provide complete coverage of the artwork. “These lights revealed subtleties in paintings you just don’t see with ordinary lights. I think we are seeing, truly for the first time, what the artist really wanted us to see.” Select an Art Light with a more traditional round profile or the low profile form factor to suit your artwork and design aesthetic. Artist Jen Lewin created “Reflect” for the Domino Park waterfront.
Their quaking leaves doing a good job of reflecting the blue sky above. During the painting process, in the quiet solitude, titles of the painting often comes front of mind. This time, Light meets us along the our Journey came to mind. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.
The patented Art Light provides uniform light distribution over the entire width and height of an artwork. Traditional picture lights create a bright spot of light at the top of a piece and minimal light over the rest of a canvas. Revelite’s high degree of light control brings focus to the entire canvas and minimizes spill light around the artwork. To achieve this uniformity, each Art Light is custom built and factory calibrated for an artwork’s specific dimensions, resulting in a bespoke art display light product.
A single power supply may also be located remotely to power multiple Art Lights. Consult with the factory to determine the appropriate power supply to power multiple units. Hardwire power supplies are available at an additional cost. Revelite AL is available in a 3000K Color Correlated Temperature . This ideal CCT was selected based on testing different LED CCTs with multiple artwork styles and color schemes. Legacy picture lighting, which often uses 2700K or 3000K halogen lamps, casts an amber hue that shifts to orange as it’s dimmed.
To reduce wiring complexity, the 12 rays are supported by PCBs. 12 o’clock is different so there is a special board for it. Each ray is cut to length, an LED strip is cut to match, mounted with tape and soldered at the ends with LEDs advancing toward the center.
The plug-in power supply is similar to a power adapter for a laptop. It plugs into an AC wall outlet and provides a total cord length of 9’. Each light also comes with 6′ of white Microwire to extend the distance from the light to the wall outlet. Flat Taperwire which can be spackled and painted to match your wall color is also available as an accessory to create a clean look without hardwiring.
Hue, value and intensity are all viewed as the artist intended with a 90+ Coloring Rendering Index light source. The Spectral Power Distribution of the Revelite LEDs demonstrates a consistency and full range across the visible spectrum. In order to achieve uniform illumination, each Revelite AL is built specifically for the height and width of the art it will illuminate. Another bright idea from Two Trees Management Co, “Breathing Pavilion,” is made up of 20 nine-foot two-tone illuminated inflatable columns. Illuminate your favorite wall art with our tasteful Wyatt Art Light.
The intensity of light and distribution will also vary based on the adjusted settings of the Art Light to the canvas. The sample photometric distribution shown is based on an AL2 Revelite calibrated for a 24” tall canvas. The candela curve indicates a 20°x 40° beam angle with a maximum intensity of 325 candela at 10° vertical. Реклама was painted during the West Bend, WI 2019 Plein Air event and won the People’s Choice Award for the main event. When walking a path down to the river, I was looking for those scenes and shapes that make connections. I saw a group of Aspen Trees and the Sunlight beaming behind them.