Scot Gray Modular Sectional 6 Seat Configuration

For those with issues that require extra back or neck support, they may be too soft. However, we think this would be easily remedied with a throw pillow or extra support pillow. Additionally, while we loved how durable this sofa was overall, we did find the leather upholstery started to show little scratches over time, though it’s likely a good leather conditioner can cover these.
After a month of at-home use, we found the West Elm Harmony Modular Sleeper Sectional to be plush, cozy, and easy to convert into a sleeper. We love that the two-piece modular design allows you to rearrange the pieces into different configurations, while the added storage compartment keeps blankets, sheets, and other necessities on hand. With its sleek design and versatile construction, the Floyd Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise is our top option for most spaces.
When it comes to a modular design sofa, each aspect of the whole sofa arrangement is intended to be fully versatile, with a wider variety of entirely separate pieces to choose from. They are more applicable to awkward spaces than sectional sofas as the size of the sectional pieces can be modified as well. When perusing your sectional options, you first want to ensure that the sofas you’re considering fit the dimensions of your space.
For modern sofa sleeper , or a couple that likes their own space, a U-shaped large modular sectional sofa showcases a contemporary, yet comfortable look that brings style and substance to a bigger space. As small living spaces, as well as multifunctional and flexible spaces, are becoming more and more common in our homes, modular sofas have become more popular than ever. It is not at all difficult to understand when you take a closer look at the many advantages they bring. With these versatile sofas, you can, for example, easily change the furniture without heavy lifting. You can combine the same piece of furniture in several different ways and constantly come up with new ways to use your modular sofa.
If you opt to shop for sectional sofas with recliners, then there are some exciting features to choose from that are very popular among Jordan’s customers. Many of our sectionals are equipped with Power Tilt headrests, allowing you to recline into the perfect position to enjoy watching TV or reading, all at the touch of a button. The great thing about Tilt is that you adjust your head position while your body stays flat, so you won’t be staring at the ceiling. You can also find sectionals to help you easily charge your devices with USB ports. Many of them also come with armrests with storage consoles and cupholders to add even more convenience. Michelle Castagna, president of Muse Design Studio, agrees, saying that these fabrics have gotten a lot softer and more comfortable to use over the past few years.